Month: January 2013

Captivate 6, Pausing Playback (a workaround)

Here’s a quick tip: In previous versions of Captivate in which you could use Advanced Actions (versions 3 through 5.5), a neat way to pause a slide was to setup a custom action with “Assign cpCmndPause with (literal) 1”. In essence, that tells the internal Captivate function ‘pause’ to be ‘true’, resulting in the slide […]

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Ad-Supported eLearning

Some interesting statistics recently released regarding ad-supported content… “Ad-supported online video viewership has grown 17 percent year-over-year, according to a new survey by marketing research firm FreeWheel….According to the study, online videos that are 20 minutes or longer carry an average of seven ads.” –Viewership of Ad-Supported Online Video Has Grown 17% This Year (11/2012)  […]

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