What Makes Us Different

At ICS Learning Group, we believe that effective eLearning is all about your audience – it must be highly relevant with focused & engaging content, and it must be accessible anywhere/anytime.

Creating such training requires a diverse and experienced team. Creative ideas combined with Instructional Design, Learning Psychology, and of course the technical savvy to make it all happen.

Like a three legged stool – successful training requires all three disciplines working together, to ensure success.

Our key to developing successful training is our ability to skillfully blend three critical, but very different skill sets:

1. Creative Solutions

Creative design to produce innovative, engaging, training content and solutions including video, animation, games and simulation.

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2. Instructional Design and Learning Psychology

We apply the discipline of traditional instructional design along with the best and most current methods to ensure the training is well designed for your audience and achieves the desired goals.

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3. Technical Expertise

To bring the technical savvy to get the most out of the technology. Be it complex interactive exercises, simulations, mobile solutions, SCORM or 508 compliance, or working with LMS, web-services, and other systems.

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