Simulation Development

Project Spotlight: “Chemical Manufacturing Process Simulation”


This simulator allows a user to interact with a real-time control panel for ammonia nitrate production. The realistic simulation calculates temperatures, pH, and tank volume based on operator control settings. The operator must make appropriate adjustments to input and output flow rates and heater controls to keep the process within normal operating ranges.


Simulated environments can offer a fantastic method for learners to apply and practice their skills, especially in situations where improper actions could have serious consequences. From crane or forklift operations to almost any manufacturing process, simulation-based learning can take place via a range of activities, from software training to immersive 3D environments, where the learners can actually ‘learn by doing’.

Additionally, instructional strategies such as personal relevance, storyline scenarios, and gamification can all be brought into a simulated course to enhance engagement and retention. Simulation-based eLearning (aka ‘SIMBEL’) is an effective approach to significantly and safely improve learning performance.

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