Project Spotlight: ICS Learning Group “Forklift 3D Orientation and Practice”


Get behind the wheel and practice operating your virtual forklift. All controls and dynamics are accurately simulated and you’re given practical tasks to accomplish in a realistic 3D warehouse. Scoring is calculated and displayed in real time based on your performance. High scores are tracked and posted.


Gamification may be a hot term at the moment, but we here at ICS have integrated the overall concepts and strategies behind gamification for years. There is more to “gamifying” courses beyond badges and leaderboards, though those features do have their place. Problem-Based Learning and Game Theory have direct relationship to learning strategies; such as how to best integrate overall game mechanics and design principles.

From simple reward systems to deeper game-like behaviors to increase learner engagement, such as competition, collaboration, and storytelling – ICS Learning Group has the instructional expertise to integrate gaming psychology into your courseware.

And if you are looking to develop an actual game with instructional goals, ICS can help with your Serious Game efforts as well. From a more simple board-game approach to a detailed, simulated 3D environment (think ‘Halo’), we can work with you to develop an immersive learning experience.

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