Instructional Design and Learning Psychology

Whether you want to start converting your traditional, instructor-led classroom training sessions to an eLearning curriculum or you are just starting to explore the eLearning field, quality instructional design is a critical component of the process. Our instructional design services can cover any of your training product, subject-matter, or customer requirements. Factors such as the state of the existing training material and documentation, the audience and required outcomes, and access to subject-matter experts can all have an impact on the depth and type of instructional design assistance you need. In general terms, all of our custom eLearning projects incorporate the following instructional design elements:

High-Level Design

Effective eLearning development and training starts with a thorough understanding of your desired outcomes. Our Instructional Designers can work with your team to analyze and understand these needs and prepare a high-level design document that will become the foundation for your eLearning courseware.

Detailed Design

A solid understanding of the high-level objectives and training outcomes, defined in the above process, will enable our Instructional Designers to focus on the detailed training requirements and content. This includes identifying the most appropriate teaching strategies and designing thorough, engaging instruction using storyboard and scripting tools.

Web-Based Course Design and Interactive Multimedia

Our Instructional Designers have specific experience with custom eLearning design, web delivery, interactive concepts, and the power of multimedia. Without a live instructor, keeping a learner engaged and motivated is critical, and can be challenging with self-paced courseware. Our experienced designers have honed our techniques in the development of relevant, interesting, and effective web-based training material.