Month: November 2013

Dreamweaver, CourseBuilder and eLearning Templates

One bonus of Adobe’s eLearning Suite (eLS) product is a few extra tools that are not normally included with the various products. For instance, Captivate comes with a ‘Multi-SCO Packager’ if licensed through the eLearning Suite, and Flash comes with a few quiz templates and ‘learning interaction objects’ that, again, are not included with Flash […]

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Captivate 7 updated

The first patch for Captivate 7 has been released!   To download and install the update, open Captivate 7 and choose Help > Updates…   CP7.0.1 Release notes   A good summary of the updates has been done on both Lieve’s blog and the official Captivate blog (by Dr. Allen Partridge) so we won’t go […]

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Considerations in Developing Accessible Courseware

Currently, the official standards for Accessibility compliance in the US are found at ADA.gov, covering the entire Americans with Disabilities Act. The site itself is a trove of information for those who really want to explore and understand the large range of requirements, from IT to public accommodations. Fortunately for those of us in eLearning, […]

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