Month: August 2010

LMS and Development Guidance

A thread on the Adobe forums requested some help with Adobe Presenter and LMS options. They have Adobe Presenter and were wondering if that required Adobe Connect. Our reply had some good pointers in it, or so we like to think! So as a quickie post, here’s the essence: We’ve just occasionally worked with Adobe […]

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Virtual Environment (and eLearning, of course)

A report released a couple days ago by BMC Medical Education, titled “Medical student attitudes toward video games and related new media technologies in medical education“, lends weight to something most of us in the training and education field have known for years – the more immersive the learning experience, the more effective it can […]

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Project Portals and Wave Goodbye

Well, Google Wave didn’t last too long. It’s still up and supported likely through the end of the year, but …Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked. We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product… We explored it when the hype was heavy and thought it maybe a […]

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