Month: March 2013

Thrones of Gamification

Ok, perhaps the title is a bit of a stretch…but did it get your attention? Did it spark a sense of relevance to something else you already know about, and are perhaps even a fan of? It’s a long-established design principle, not just for instructional design, that making your ‘content’ more meaningful to the learner […]

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Best of eLearning! 2013

2013’s “Best of eLearning Awards” survey is up and ready for your input! Once again we ask all our loyal, or intermittent, customers and readers…should you be so inclined…give us a shout-out on questions 1 and 26: 1. Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Cloud-based, or open-source only)  Best answer: ICS Learning Group’s Inquisiq R3 LMS 26. Outsourced Learning Services  Best answer: ICS […]

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Understanding Problem-Based Learning

Consider you need to teach someone how to light a match. You can show them pictures of people lighting a match, or even better – a video of a match being lit. You can create a series of slides in PowerPoint providing the steps it takes to light a match. You can show a good […]

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