Month: February 2011

Discussing: Video and the Web (part 2)

After last week’s blog post, there were a few discussions from other customers (and apparently a couple of otherwise-quiet readers) on some more elemental aspects of video. There are a lot of resources on the web for such explanations, covering a range of topics. But for sake of simplicity, let’s discuss it a bit here […]

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Discussing: Video and Web Delivery

A long-time customer of ours was recently asking about video formats for their web-delivered courseware; there are so many variations with so many possibilities for delivery, it was a good discussion to help clarify the options. In this case, the customer wanted to record a presentation and make it available online. They had their own […]

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LMS API methods and mobile

Between developing custom content for folks who already have an LMS, and discussions with a few prospective customers, it’s come to our attention that not just a couple other LMS products make use of ActiveX controls or Java applets to facilitate the SCORM API. When developing Inquisiq, we considered the various options and settled on […]

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