LMS API methods and mobile

Between developing custom content for folks who already have an LMS, and discussions with a few prospective customers, it’s come to our attention that not just a couple other LMS products make use of ActiveX controls or Java applets to facilitate the SCORM API.

When developing Inquisiq, we considered the various options and settled on what seems to be the most common approach – simple javascript. There was some concern that decision could possibly conflict with some 508/Accessibility requirements, but that issue hasn’t been apparent in the several years in which Inquisiq has been on the market.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the other methods; ActiveX can be tightly controlled but requires a Windows PC, Java is cross-platform but requires the JRE to be present (and is often a bit more demanding on the client computer).

Our Inquisiq LMS is pure ASP, .NET, and javascript. The only aspect of our LMS requiring a plugin is the ‘Certificates’ feature which uses Flash (which has a 98% penetration rate, so we figure that fairly innocuous).

We are in the process of testing our LMS on mobile devices and, so far, it works pretty well. There are some tweaks and adjustments to make, and there’s still a lot of movement in the mobile devices sector, so there’s still time before we officially push Inquisiq as ‘mobile compatible’, but it’s pretty close – already tested and running well in IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Have you had a chance to try Inquisiq on a mobile device? We’d love to hear about your experiences and suggestions!