Author: Jimi Gipple

Introduction to Memory and Multimedia Whitepaper

We’ve all heard the myriad of eLearning buzzwords right? The mantra of Instructional Designers, confidently projected from the proverbial mountaintop by the eLearning industries leading thinkers. “Engage the learner. Create interactive content. Gamification! This is the key to successful eLearning.” Well… yes. These components of course are important but you don’t need to be an […]

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Using Video in eLearning Part Two

A few weeks ago we posted a blog offering helpful hints for using video in eLearning. As a follow-up, we wanted to showcase a few forms and uses of video and highlight how successfully incorporating video can greatly benefit your training initiative. It is important to recognize that video can take many forms and be […]

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Using Video in eLearning Part One

Video is a learning game changer. Video, when properly utilized, can be a powerful tool for actively engaging your target audience while supporting their learning processes to the fullest potential. Whether you choose to deploy your video as a simple standalone clip delivered via mobile devices or as an element of a larger eLearning course, […]

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eLearning in the Digital Age

In an effort to better understand the connection between shifting eLearning modality and the end user, it’s important to outline a few key assumptions about eLearning delivery. First, the workforce is changing. As of 2015, Millennials now account for the largest generation in the U.S. Labor market (according to the Pew Research Center’s analysis of […]

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What Impact Does mLearning Have on Training?

What Is the Impact of mLearning on Training? mLearning is undeniably changing the landscape of current and future education; a determined force driving forward despite leaving many designers in its wake. Adapting your design to reflect the technological and cultural growth of education is a necessity in an industry that does and SHOULD evolve rapidly […]

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eLearning: Overcoming the Forgetting Curve

The human mind is immensely complex, at times capable of amazing feats of intellectual mettle, yet seemingly fragile and forgetful in other circumstances. Great educators overcome this contrast through genuine connection, striving to bring out the best in their learner. This theme rings equally true within the eLearning realm. How do you tap into your […]

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