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HTML5, Support, Browsers, and Mobile

Today’s news, just in time for the new year, is the HTML5 specification has been finalized. “W3C published today the complete definition of the HTML5 and Canvas 2D specifications. Though not yet W3C standards, these specifications are now feature complete, meaning businesses and developers have a stable target for implementation and planning.” Per that quote, […]

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Do all APIs need to have goofy names?

When SCORM first came around, it was a little unusual…but it’s an acronym (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) so even if a little odd, at least it’s rooted in some reasonable and descriptive basis. And indeed, ‘ORMs’ have been around for a while, though more often as ‘object-relational maps’, and perhaps most known through the […]

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Captivate 6 updates

Adobe has recently released an awaited update to Captivate 6. We’ll be working this into our desktop deployments shortly and look to see if past concerns have been addressed. Some of the more important issues that have been improved seem to be: Fixing issues with slide transitions and audio conflicts; with many reports of audio-sync problems […]

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Captivate 6, Ready for Prime Time?

We use a variety of authoring tools here for our custom development, from more ‘hardcore’ programming with Flash for the more advanced and interactive projects, to more simple tools like Captivate, Presenter (both versions), and Storyline (among others). The most recent Captivate release, to version 6, was received warmly with several updates. We started to […]

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Camtasia 8, eLearning, and some Recommendations

Camtasia is a solid tool for any eLearning developer to include in their software toolkit. While other products may outshine it in regards to interactivity and SCORM options, Camtasia remains a premier tool for creating high-quality, engaging presentations. Techsmith has had years to constantly improve their video capture process, and it shows in comparison to […]

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eLearning Suite 6: Presenter and Captivate

 Adobe’s latest version of the eLearning Suite was released a few weeks ago and generally seems like a solid and worthwhile upgrade…perhaps not as much as the jump in version numbers would suggest, from the previous version being 2.5 to this most current release being 6, but that’s just to sync the suite up with […]

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Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and Authoring Tools

With the recent release of Apple’s latest version of OS X (10.8 – Mountain Lion), we did some quick websearches on authoring tool compatibility for the few Macs we have here. Below are some URLs and selected bits: Adobe Creative Suite:  “In our testing we have found no significant issues with running CS5, 5.5, CS6 or Acrobat products […]

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Inquisiq R3 Update (2.12.0615)

Just an FYI to our LMS users, the latest version of Inquisiq (version 2.12.0615) is scheduled to be released this today, July 23rd. New features and enhancements: Added the ability for users to purchase catalogs – Functionality has been added to allow courses within a catalog to be purchased. This allows LMS Administrators to put […]

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Captivate 6 Released

On the heels of their Creative Suite 6 update, Adobe has released the next version of Captivate, version 6. A lot of efforts and updates have apparently been put into this upgrade; we here at ICS eagerly anticipate licensing the upgrade to see how we can leverage its new capabilities to deliver more efficient, intriguing, […]

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