Captivate 6 updates

Adobe has recently released an awaited update to Captivate 6. We’ll be working this into our desktop deployments shortly and look to see if past concerns have been addressed. Some of the more important issues that have been improved seem to be:

  • Fixing issues with slide transitions and audio conflicts; with many reports of audio-sync problems in CP6 projects, the ‘fix’ was to disable slide transitions. This should now be resolved.
  • iOS memory management, allowing much better playback performance on iPads/iPhones
  • Integrated MP4 videos should now show reliably in the published project as they do in the previews (though perhaps not always)
  • ‘Flickering’ between slides should be fixed; though this issue may have only been apparent on slides that were imported directly from PPT (do many people do that?)
  • Changes to ‘On Success’ actions are now actually saved reliably (!)
And general improvements to Captivate’s overall stability, including improvements in the upgrade process (i.e. upgrading a previous CP5 project to CP6) should result from application of this patch as well. While we’ve not experienced too much ‘crashing’ in our CP development projects, they do happen, so any improvement in overall load, speed, and reliability are always certainly appreciated.
Windows users can upgrade to version 6.0.1 (Build 240) through Help Menu > Updates in Captivate itself or directly from the Captivate downloads page – however, the Mac version is not yet available (“coming soon”).
In other Captivate 6 news:
Here’s a decent piece on “What’s New in Captivate 6”. The presentation is from August 2012, but still provides a good overview of the product and its capabilities (you’ll have to login to your Adobe account to see the recording).
Adobe is now offering ‘Software Assurance’ for several (all?) of their products. Software Assurance for Captivate  provides free upgrades to all releases during coverage period (which may matter more now that Captivate, Presenter, and the eLearning Suite will supposedly be having shorter release cycles). This program also provides you with ‘Gold’ level support – the value of which seems to depend on what issues you have (for very specific needs, sometimes it’s best to just visit the forums).
And, as always, should you need any assistance with development of your Captivate-based eLearning courseware, drop us a line! We’ve got a decade of Captivate experience under our collective belts…