eLearning Suite 6: Presenter and Captivate

 Adobe’s latest version of the eLearning Suite was released a few weeks ago and generally seems like a solid and worthwhile upgrade…perhaps not as much as the jump in version numbers would suggest, from the previous version being 2.5 to this most current release being 6, but that’s just to sync the suite up with the rest of the Adobe CS6 release numbers.

One issue that’s come up during the installation process is, apparently, you can’t have Adobe Presenter 7 and Presenter 8 on the same machine. Ah, Presenter installation issues again! This one is fairly simple to remedy though, if not a bit drastic – simply deinstall Presenter 7, then re-run the eLS6 installer again and re-select Presenter.

Of course, sometimes things don’t go smoothly. If not, you may need to run a registry file (on your Windows machine) to ‘clean up’ the deinstallation. Details on that issue are here:

Otherwise, eLS6 has some nice updates – integrated and more thorough HTML5 publishing from Captivate 6…though it’s still restrictive; many features that are supported in Flash output have yet to be supported in the HTML5 output…as is the case with many dual-format publishing tools like Rapid Intake’s mLearning Studio and Articulate’s Storyline products.

‘Round-tripping’ has been refined, for quicker editing options, like CP screenshots to Photoshop, or audio tracks to Audition. Captivate also has (perhaps with an eye on Storyline) a nice addition of character clip-art and improved template customizations. One of our favored bug-fixes is the checkmarks for completed sections in the Table of Contents area are now restored on resuming from the LMS! Adobe TV has a series describing the updates in more detail.

Overall, eLearning Suite 6 provides some solid updates, especially in Captivate and Presenter, and is a welcome upgrade to our toolbox. We’ve already been developing courseware in HTML5, and now we’ve yet another rapid development tool to assist with that process. Let us know how we can help you with your courseware requirements – from assistance with the more complex aspects of these tools to full custom development.