Inquisiq R3 Update (2.12.0615)

Just an FYI to our LMS users, the latest version of Inquisiq (version 2.12.0615) is scheduled to be released this today, July 23rd. New features and enhancements:

  • Added the ability for users to purchase catalogs – Functionality has been added to allow courses within a catalog to be purchased. This allows LMS Administrators to put together sets of courses that can be purchased all at once.
  • Added the ability for a user to recover missing lesson data – Users now have the ability to recover last saved lesson data in the event that lesson data was not recorded to the database due to an error.
  • Enhancements to Active Directory Synchronization – Enhancements to Active Directory Synchronization have been made to allow for filtering Active Directory queries, and synchronization over SSL.
As per the usual process, all SaaS customer accounts will be upgraded automatically. Any installed customers should submit a support ticket (http://support.icslearninggroup.com) to request the update.
Additionally, we’ve had so many requests about training product bundles and partnerships, we’ve launched a new, formal reseller and referral program. If interested, please contact us via the web form (http://www.icslearninggroup.com/index.php/contact-us).
Finally, a quick R3 tip – with Report Subscriptions, any user with reporting permissions can create a report and subscribe to receive that report via email on a scheduled basis. 
How to set up a Report Subscription: 
  • Create a report, save it, then click the “Subscription” tab on the report settings page
  • Enter the frequency in which you would like to receive your report and click “Update Subscription” 
You will then be subscribed to receive that report – it’s as easy as that!  
*Note that this feature is only available to users with reporting permissions; it is not available to users without reporting permissions or the main Administrator account.