Captivate 6 Released

On the heels of their Creative Suite 6 update, Adobe has released the next version of Captivate, version 6. A lot of efforts and updates have apparently been put into this upgrade; we here at ICS eagerly anticipate licensing the upgrade to see how we can leverage its new capabilities to deliver more efficient, intriguing, and interactive eLearning courseware for our customers.

From some of the new feature listings, such as included themes and characters, interaction templates, and enhanced HTML export – it seems a good bit of these improvements have been pushed along by Articulate’s new Storyline product. Competition is good! We have a review of Storyline on tap, as soon as we can free up some non-development time…but now perhaps we’ll do a head-to-head comparison of Storyline vs. Captivate. Will see what we can come up with…

In the meantime, check out some of the overview videos Adobe TV has made available which cover a lot of the new features. We’d like to see more about what existing features have been improved, like perhaps some of the SCORM communication issues we cover in our whitepaper…(watch for an updated version of that coming soon as well)…however, with a new built-in SCORM trace/debugging tool, at least such concerns may be more easily diagnosed.

The “HTML5” export improvement is easily the most highly-anticipated, with the rise of mobile computing. We’ll explore how robust that export process turns out to be, though suspect the Flash export will still be heavily used for most custom content projects.
The ‘HD Screencast’ feature is interesting – does that mean more video-centric recording, with a quality like Camtasia? And how is Captivate’s Powerpoint import process – of all the tools which can use existing PPT decks as a content base, Captivate is not the easiest to use. We look forward to seeing those improvements as well.

Had any experiences with Captivate 6 yet? Comment below! If you have any questions on working with Captivate to develop your eLearning courseware, drop us a line as we’ll endeavor to continue our Captivate expertise.