Month: May 2012

Clarifying the Creative Cloud, part 2

As we dig into Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering, there may be more and more parts to these clarification posts…but for now we have determined that the Creative Cloud offering is not an option for us here at ICS Learning Group at the moment because there is not yet a volume licensing option. Per the current Creative Suite […]

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eLearning! 2012 survey

eLearning! (magazine?) has released their reader survey for 2012, for the “Best of eLearning Awards” they sponsor. Adobe points to it on their Captivate blog and we’ll give it a little push too! So for all you loyal, or intermittent, customers and readers, if you’re so inclined, take a look at questions 1 and 24… 1. […]

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Clarifying the Creative Cloud

There’s been some buzz from our customers, both good and…concerned regarding Adobe’s new Creative Cloud approach for the licensing and distribution of their extensive range of software. After some discussion with those ‘in the know’, we’ll help clarify what we can… One point of confusion is whether the ‘Touch Apps’ are included with a Cloud […]

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Flash Stage 3D/Molehill in Action

While it may be focusing on alternative tools for mobile delivery, Adobe continues to demonstrate its commitment to the Flash platform – most recently with the continued refinement Flash ‘Stage 3D’API (which we’vediscussedbefore). Also as we’ve discussed, it is possible to develop with Flash and publish to an AIR-based ‘App’ which will work on both […]

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Thoughts on the Creative Cloud

Last week, Adobe announced their new approach to Creative Suite 6 software licensing, the Creative Cloud, which should be available in early June. This subscription-based ‘digital hub’ will provided the ability to download and install any application in Adobe’s CS6 “Master Collection” and use it offline…as long as you remain subscribed. While the subscription model […]

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