Clarifying the Creative Cloud

There’s been some buzz from our customers, both good and…concerned regarding Adobe’s new Creative Cloud approach for the licensing and distribution of their extensive range of software. After some discussion with those ‘in the know’, we’ll help clarify what we can…

One point of confusion is whether the ‘Touch Apps’ are included with a Cloud subscription or not. While they were intended to be, the apps themselves are not actually included at this time.
If you purchase the apps, say through the Apple Store, you can tie them to your Creative Cloud account…but the software itself must be purchased separately.

Here’s the ‘official’ response:

Q: Are Touch Apps included in the annual Creative Cloud Membership?

A: Our intention is to have Touch Apps included in the annual membership. However we use iOS App Store and Google Play to deliver this software and unfortunately the infrastructures of the app marketplaces were not built to deliver subscription-based software suites that work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This is not that surprising, given that Adobe is doing something unique with Creative Cloud.

The Touch Apps integrate seamlessly with all aspects of Creative Cloud but for now they must be purchased separately through app marketplaces. Our goal is to work with the app marketplaces to enable Touch Apps to be purchased separately, or as part of Creative Cloud Membership, over time.  Until that time, Adobe Creative Cloud members on the annual plan will receive a free month of membership, a $49.99 value, with the purchase of three qualifying Adobe Touch Apps — about a $30 value.

Q: How do users access and buy Touch Apps?

A: Users buy Adobe Touch Apps on iOS App Store or Google Play marketplaces. Once purchased, users can utilize file management and sharing capabilities in Adobe Creative Cloud for connectivity between their Touch Apps and CS6 desktop applications.

Another common question is what exactly is included in the Create Cloud subscription. Here too are some official and related responses:
Q. What is and is not included with Creative Cloud?



Q. What is going to be included in the future?


(See: “Coming soon to creative cloud”)

We hope that helps settle some questions! We here at ICS Learning Group will continue to use Adobe products as they remain useful to our custom courseware development business, which we suspect will be for quite a while, as well as continuing to use and integrate additional tools as well (i.e. watch for our upcoming Storyline review).