Clarifying the Creative Cloud, part 2

As we dig into Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering, there may be more and more parts to these clarification posts…but for now we have determined that the Creative Cloud offering is not an option for us here at ICS Learning Group at the moment because there is not yet a volume licensing option.

Per the current Creative Suite FAQs, ‘subscription editions’ are available only for individuals. Additionally, Adobe’s using an “…identity-based licensing with a technology that will not support multiple same-product subscriptions, so you can buy only one subscription per Adobe ID.”

This means that each of our designers and developers would need their own, unique Adobe ID to license and manage their installed software which, as a business, is not very…convenient. At best, we would have to create multiple IT/Admin accounts, on for each designer/developer here at ICS.

So for now, it’s better for us to upgrade to a traditional CS6 volume license to cover all of our designers and developers. Hopefully when Adobe gets team licensing in place for their Creative Cloud product, we can upgrade our traditional licensing to cloud licensing. It would be great to have one volume license and one centralized Creative Cloud storage and sharing area for our entire team!

The Creative Cloud service and licensing, however, does seem like a solid solution for the individual, or perhaps a very small business, for now…especially with their current discount pricing.