Flash Stage 3D/Molehill in Action

While it may be focusing on alternative tools for mobile delivery, Adobe continues to demonstrate its commitment to the Flash platform – most recently with the continued refinement Flash ‘Stage 3D’API (which we’vediscussedbefore). Also as we’ve discussed, it is possible to develop with Flash and publish to an AIR-based ‘App’ which will work on both iOS and Android devices…and this remains true with the Stage 3D feature.

Now, how well a Flash-based Stage 3D app will run on a mobile device, which tend to be less-powerful (CPU/RAM) than desktops and laptops, well, that’s on our R&D list to determine.

On the way there, however, we’ve developed a fun ‘proof of concept’ piece demonstrating how to work a forklift in a virtual warehouse. Check out this pretty cool, Flash 3D-based, demonstration!

While it’ll work with older, lower-end machines, you must at least have a recent version of Flash Player 11 installed with your preferred browser. And to really get the full 3D effect, you should have a relatively recent video card (the demo will alert you if your video card is not supported). But even with an older machine, you can still play the game and get a good sense of where eLearning can go.

Plans are to take this a bit further, making it perhaps more of a game with various goals, scores, rewards, and perhaps a bit of humor and gore…But for now, it’s a pretty fun piece to demonstration how new technologies are making immersive training applications possible with a reduced cost and timeline.

Check out that 3D training demo and let us know what you think. Did it work well for you on your desktop? We’re working on a conversion to a mobile app…