Babysitting Certification Training

For a century, the Red Cross has been helping people save lives through Preparedness and Health and Safety education and training. Red Cross training provides the skills and confidence to act in an emergency. The Red Cross offers courses for individuals (you and members of your community), workplaces, and professional rescuers.

ICS Learning Group worked with the Red Cross to design and create a series of interactive exercises that became a part of the Red Cross Babysitting Course and Certification.


The American Red Cross Babysitting Course had existed for years and contained a wide range of useful information and training in the form of classroom instruction and documents. However, the Red Cross wanted to course to be more entertaining and appropriate for the 11 – 15 year old children that it was designed for.


The solution involved ICS Learning Group creating a companion CD-ROM that contained games and interactive exercises that could be used to help reinforce the instructional content of the course. ICS created a series of interactive exercises that could be used by the instructors during classroom training as well as by the students at home. The CD-ROM included end of chapter quizzes, an interactive babysitter organizer, a Safe House Activity, and a Trivia Game.