Demographic Area Address Listing (DAAL)

The United States Census Bureau’s mission is “To serve as the leading source of quality data about the nation’s people and economy.” From the ‘Decennial’ census (Population & Housing) undertaken every 10 years, as constitutionally mandated, to several other census collections (Economic Census, Census of Governments, American Community Survey, etc.), the US Census Bureau is critical for the distribution of Congressional seats to states and is used to define legislature districts, school district assignment areas and other important functional areas of government and community planning.


The United States Census Bureau first came to ICS Learning Group in 2002 for to develop the training for their Field Representatives who would be using their proprietary ‘Demographic Area Address Listing’ (DAAL) tool. Training the Field Representatives (FRs) on this tool was a critical step for all the Census tasks, and certainly the big Decennial Census scheduled for 2010. As the Census Bureau conducted smaller surveys and geared up for the Decennial, the DAAL tool itself underwent many changes and upgrades to meet newly identified requirements.


Since developing the first DAAL CBT, ICS revisited the training product on an annual basis to keep the training current with the tool itself. Along the way, other CBT products were developed for similar surveys and tools, some for training FRs, some for training Supervisor Field Representatives (SFRs), and some for the entire Census Bureau workforce! Among these modules are the “DAAL”, “TOI”, and “ALMI” CBT projects, specialized Microsoft Windows training for S/FRs, and SCORM-compliant “Acceptable Use”, “Title 13″, and “IT Security” eLearning projects. Here are a some sample screenshots from a few of these projects.