Cardiovascular Risk Assessment


The Colorado Prevention Center (CPC) needed a user-friendly, kiosk and web-based application to assist with their community outreach initiative on cardiovascular disease risk assessment. Not only did this assessment tool need to have an appealing design – one that would work for both kiosk and web delivery – but it also required multilingual capabilities to address Colorado’s large Hispanic population. One additional challenge was the implementation of complex mathematical formulae (Framingham) for the health risk assessment results within the programming environment.


With ICS Learning Group’s content development expertise and overall experience with UI design, the ‘Health-e-Solutions’ application has been developed for hybrid delivery via kiosk or the web in both English and Spanish. The CPC has found great success in the enhancement of their community outreach through the use of this tool, which:

  • Calculates a user’s chance of developing heart disease in the next 10 years based on age, gender, diabetes status, smoking status, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Prints the user’s risk score and customized heart health recommendations they can take to their healthcare provider.
  • Illustrates how users can lower their score by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and quitting smoking

While this application is showcased at community health fairs throughout Colorado several times a year, it is always available online to the world at www.health-e-solutions.org.