Hazardous Drug Spill Cleanup

Clinical IQ, provides pharmacy information services and product solutions for their clients who range from local start-up operations to established national companies in the hospital, home care, and specialty compounding industries. With this aim, Clinical IQ(r) creates software, classroom training, web based training, audit tools, and many other informational products to make sterile compounding and related areas of pharmacy safer.

ICS Learning Group has worked with Clinical IQ to development many of their software and training tools. One specific project was the development of a course called the Hazardous Drug Spill Cleanup, which teaches pharmacy technicians the proper procedure to clean up toxic drug spills. The e-learning course was to be part of the Virtual Training Series and featured a realistic 3D virtual environment that used animated characters to demonstrate the proper procedures. The course contained a test mode where the learner is required to direct the character to perform the series of tasks.

The resultant course also needed to be SCORM compliant to run in a variety of Learning Management Systems. Clinical IQ uses Inquisiq R3 to deploy the training for its clients who need an LMS.


One of the challenges in creating the e-Learning course was that the entire scenario needed to be recreated and taught in a virtual 3D environment. However, animating human body motion, especially the finer details involved with a very dexterous task, is difficult and potentially time consuming and expensive to create.


The solution involved ICS animators using a 3D full motion capture system that allowed us to digitize all of the motion of our subject matter experts as they demonstrated the procedures. The experts were able to act out the cleanup scenario in a mock set in our studio. All of their motion was captured in 1 day and brought into our 3D virtual environment where it was applied to the animated characters. The result was a very cost efficient way to accurately depict detailed human motion, in a completely computer generated scene.