Adobe Presenter 7.07 Update

Adobe has released a free update to their Presenter tool (similar to, but not to be confused with, Articulate Presenter) which, among other things, makes it ActionScript 3 compatible! Yay! Windows 7, 64bit support is also apparently improved.

“Adobe Presenter 7.07 is a fairly significant change in the overall Presenter delivery so users will need to uninstall 7 and then install the fresh copy of 7.07.”
Adobe eLearning Blog

So the way to obtain this update is to download the trial version and apply your existing serial number to register the software as a full-version product.

While Articulate Presenter is a much more popular tool and, especially with its Engage component, arguably a more powerful tool, Adobe Presenter is a very similar and capable product, though it is geared more toward users of Adobe Connect web conferencing software.

Refer to Adobe’s eLearning blog for other Presenter-related notes (such as synchronizing and installation questions) and note that Presenter is listed under the ‘Connect’ topic on Adobe’s user forums.