Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

Per the Flash Blog, the next major release of the Adobe Flash player (version 11, and AIR 3) is coming in early October. This is a significant evolution in the Flash platform – not only for the advantages it brings, but to show how Flash can stay useful and relevent in the current mobile culture.

Apple has yet to allow Flash on it’s ‘iOS’ devices and while Android-based devices do not have such a restriction, earlier versions of the players were not really optimized for mobile usage (i.e high CPU requirements). Along with significant other features, such as a completley revamped, hardware-accelerated 3D architecture, 64-bit compatibility and mobile considerations are a part of Flash Player 11 – so we hope to see increased integration and better performance on all applicable computing devices.

AIR is a creative way to create mobile Apps – and, yes, you can create Flash-based Apps for Apple mobile devices. This latest version should make such development not only an improved experience, but perhaps will finally show Adobe is serious about mobile and maybe, just maybe, Apple will provide a full web experience by allowing the Flash Player itself on its iOS devices.

We here at ICS have been working with the prelease versions of Flash Player 11 and have a solid framework for developing more highly-interactive, relevent scenarios for training. We look forward to a rapid upgrade and distribution of Flash Player 11 so we can continue to develop even more effective training courseware.