An Introduction to Levels of Training

As one gets more involved with eLearning, the question of “what level of learning are you looking for” likely comes up more and more frequently, in one form or another. These sorts of questions generally relate to attempts to classify eLearning and the complexity of its content…which then can ideally be related to the complexity of the development process.

However, these levels are by no means ‘set in stone’; variations abound among agencies and experts. Searching the web for a set standard can be dissatisfying and downright discouraging for anyone looking for an agreed-upon standard.

Always one to be a leader, ICS Learning Group has performed this research – both between our own history and projects and through the readings and reviews of outside resources. The result is out ‘CBT and WBT Levels’ whitepaper, now available on the ICS website.

While it would be terrific if the overall industry adopted these definitions, we do not operate under such grandiose hopes – unique perspectives, experiences, and outliers may well challenge any component of our definition. Our primary purpose, however, is to not only help those involved with a general knowledge search, but also to assist our customers in understanding the process, scope, and costs related to custom eLearning (ICW, CBT, WBT, Courseware, etc.) development.

So, submitted for your perusal, review, and possible agreement (or debate), review our whitepapers at your leisure…and we certainly hope they help you along the path to solid, well-defined instructional courseware.