Award-Winning Custom eLearning Courseware

In this blog we generally write about overall news, trends, and insights related to the world of eLearning but some recent developments urge us to do a quick entry to toot our own horn…

First, a resounding ‘Thank You’ to all who voted in this year’s Best of eLearning! competition. Due to your support, we’ve won the category of ‘Best Custom E-Learning’ [see the EMC press release here, scroll to #24 at the bottom]. Our primary goal is to deliver engaging and effective courseware to our clients. We not only appreciate the direct feedback and satisfaction our customers provide to us directly, but certainly in these more public displays as well. Thank you!

As we ramp up for DevLearn in October (look for our Inquisiq LMS booth), we’re not attending the Enterprise Learning Conference and Expo this year – which is taking place next week – but we look forward to the subsequent award we’re due to receive for ‘Best Learning Services’. Keep an eye on this page and look for a “The Best of Elearning! 2013 Awards” entry after the conference.

Award Winning eLearning Courses - OMNI
In other news, our Custom Content group has also been recognized by the Omni Intermedia Awards for three different bespoke projects! The Omni Awards “exist to recognize outstanding media productions that engage, empower and enlighten”. Search for ‘ICS’ on the Winner’s Circle page for the results, but in sum:

Silver Award: NanoFab Overview and External Labs Safety – a SCORM-compliant, Level 3 course featuring 3D, custom video, characters, and scenarios for the orientation of new users to the Nano-Fabrication laboratory and specific safety procedures within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Silver Award: Foundations of Effective Leadership – A Level 2 course integrating interactive media, characters, and gamification techniques targeting community organizers and substance-abuse prevention initiatives – for Synergy Enterprises and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Bronze Award: Practice Management 101 – A Level 2 course with custom video and interactive scenarios for a medical insurance company to teach safe and effective management of their doctors’ offices in order to achieve a safe environment and lower premiums.

We here at ICS Learning Group are happy to provide demos of these products to anyone who would like to see our award-winning solutions. And if we can help you develop your award-winning courseware, contact the ICS eLearning experts!