Captivate 5 issues and patches (continued)

So the workstations with Adobe’s eLearning Suite 2 popped-up a notification today that a few updates were available…and lo-and-behold, Captivate is listed!
Maybe we just missed that during the last round of updates, or perhaps CP5 did not have any updates at that time…

Regardless, the two significant updates we listed in the previous post are still not mentioned in this ‘Adobe Application Manager’ listing. The two listed are:

Adobe Player for Embedding 3.1
CS Lives Services Update for CS5

Additionally, click the “Learn More” link for either of those updates and see this page:
Then select ‘Captivate’ from the update list and get…

The most current entry on that page? An Adobe Captivate 4 patch…

So until Adobe tightens up their updating process, we’ll continue to note such tips here in our blog.