Captivate 5 issues and patches

Captivate 5 offers some great advances over previous versions, the most signifcant perhaps being a complete re-write of the software, availability for the Mac OS, and an overall integration of what’s become a relatively standardized approach for Adobe products.

One notable flaw we’ve found, however, is a seeming absence with the overall Adobe Updater component. While our eLearning Suite component regularly alerts us to updates in other software, we have yet to be provided any reference to Captivate 5 updates…
…and there have been two significant issues found, and resolved, over the past couple months.

We’ve written-up KB articles for these two issues which can be found in our support system.

  • Captivate 5 Reporting Percentage instead of Raw Scores
  • Both are addressed by direct DLL replacements in the Captivate 5 folder on your workstation. The KB articles link directly to these files (no ‘installer’ or ‘patches’ have been provided) for you to download.

    While we certainly appreciate Adobe reacting to these issues and providing fixes, we certainly hope to see these sorts of updates integrated into the overall Adobe Updater application in the near future.

    We here at ICS are fully patched!