eLearning Global Growth

Before the meat, is it “eLearning” or “e-Learning”? We’ve settled on the former here, largely, though there are still a few holdouts. There was a similar debate years ago over “email” vs. “e-mail” and it sure seems the non-hyphenated version won. Really, the hyphen is really rather unnecessary, don’t you think? Maybe more critical to linguist purists…

Anyway, just a quick post here on the growth of eLearning. Ambient Insight released a report a few months ago titled “Global Self-paced eLearning Market Research” with a forecast that by 2014 the English market will reach $1.69 billion and the global eLearning market will reach $49.6 billion.

The corporate demand for self-paced E-Learning products in 2008-2013 is now growing at a five year growth rate of 8.7% down from 18.3% in the 2007-2012 forecast period. By contrast, the demand in the small organization sub-segment doubled from 4.20% to 8.51% in the same period.

That’s a lot of eLearning, especially globally.

The full report is a bit pricey so we’ve not examined the details or methodology, but it’s an interesting and encouraging forecast, regardless…and especially shows the potential in the global market.

We here at ICS will continue to ‘vie for the pie’. We’ve already released several custom courses in a variety of languages as clients require, from Spanish and French to Indonesian, Turkish, and Chinese. These are usually created as separate SCOs but, on request, we can certainly bundle all into a single SCO and have the proper version display based on the user’s profile.

-Posted by: Erik L.

Our Inquisiq LMS is ready for language expansion packs…so at some point in the near future we’ll work on actually creating those language upgrades. Currently we have seen very little demand for a multilingual LMS so we remain focused on other enhancements to our English version.

BUT if forecasts like the one quoted above are true, perhaps Inquisiq will become multilingual sooner than later!

Regardless, while all forecasts are educated (hopefully) guesswork, it is encouraging. We plan to remain in the thick of the growth for a long time coming.