Fall projects at ICS

With the economic difficulties the country has been facing overall, we here at ICS Learning Group feel fortunate to have kept not just busy, but very busy over the past year. Of course, with as good as we are, it’s not too surprising! 😉
It’s hard to believe 2010 is drawing to a close. So, leaving aside the more technical discussions for a later date, we thought we’d share a bit of what’s going on these days here at ICS.

We’ve recently finished the annual updates to ASHP’s TechPrep and HID products. ASHP is a long-time customer of ICS and we’re privileged to continue to be their go-to company for their eLearning needs. A few other products are in discussion for future delivery, so stay tuned!

The US District Court system, part of the DOJ, has also returned to ICS for project updates, as well as a few new initiatives. Some of the projects are ones they largely handle themselves for which we offer varying degrees of support (narration, SCORM-compliance, QA). However, a significant project which we’re revisiting for the annual update is a large eLearning module to teach their court support staff how to use an internal case management system. This project revision starts-up this month and is scheduled to run through April of 2011.

ICS has also been working with a team from Lockheed Martin and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an update to a large series of eLearning modules developed from 2008 to 2009. The updates are fairly small, but critical in keeping their eLearning component current with the product updates themselves.

Just two weeks ago, ICS kicked-off a new relationship with the Center for Applied Linguistics to consult with their stakeholders on the center’s eLearning initiatives. We’re in the middle of an intensive Needs Analysis, with lots of intriguing collaboration still to come!

Those are but a few of our recent highlights, and there quite a few other projects – large and small – we have scheduled over the next few months.
But that said, we’ve got room to help you too! Let us know if we can be of any assistance with your eLearning, or mLearning, initiatives.