Flash 10.1 Mobile

Ok, it seems Adobe has a ‘roll it out’ kinda strategy here instead of one massive celebratory release date. 10.1 has been released…again…but this time the mobile version is available.
(the previous release was apparently really just for 32-bit Desktops, so really just a security update)

Nothing new from the Adobe Flash Team Blog, but here’s an ‘official’ release on 10.1 for mobile devices…all except the stubborn iOS devices, of course.

This is definitely a ‘bigger deal’ than the previous release with full mobile support, finally offering a ‘real’ Flash Player release to replace Flash Lite. Plainly, significant effort has been put into optimizing speed and resource-usage for these mobile devices…something desktop users should see as well.

Supposedly, compatible Android 2.1 devices can grab this update now from the related marketplace. A further-optimized player version will be released when Google has Android 2.2 (Froyo) ready.

mLearning moves ahead another step! We think this is great. While HTML5 has great promise, the tools and specs just aren’t there yet. It will be far more efficient to continue Flash development over the next couple years, at least, and the expansion of the full Flash Player to (most) mobile devices sure helps!