Flash 10.1 update

Reading more on this 10.1 update over the weekend gained a bit more additional insight. Apparently this is not the much-anticipated ‘Big’ release. x64 players are still not available and the Android release is promised in a ‘future’ version.

It seems the primary purpose of this release, as nebulously hinted by Adobe’s Flash Team blog, is to address security issues and improve Mac performance – even though video acceleration still isn’t included. Admirable and necessary goals certainly, and internal testing shows Mac performance to indeed be well improved!

However, Adobe needs to do a better job with its PR. The 10.1 release promised big changes. This release does not meet all those promises and Adobe should ensure that’s clear. Regardless, we greet the new release and look forward to continued improvements, especially the Android release to help clear the path for our mLearning initiatives.