ICS Learning Group Selected For 2012 Learning Portal Watch List

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ICS Learning Group Selected For 2012 Learning Portal Watch List


TrainingIndustry.com announced last week that ICS Learning Group was selected for the 2012 Learning Portal Companies Watch List for the second year in a row. The recognition is the latest for the company’s esteemed flagship product, Inquisiq R3 – Learning Management System (LMS).

Selection of this year’s Learning Portal Companies Watch List was based on the following criteria:

  • New and innovative service offerings
  • Unique approach to delivering learning solutions
  • Commitment to improving learning through technology
  • Quality of initial clients

“This year’s Watch List features some great learning technologies companies that are on the rise… they provide a wide range of learning portal services to their clients that depend on a high level of customization,” said Ken Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Training Industry, Inc.

Inquisiq R3 is a proven leader in innovative Learning Management Technology and has won awards and industry recognition consecutively since 2009. The LMS allows users to quickly load and deploy SCORM-compliant online training content to employees or clients while maintaining ease of use, a powerful feature set, and a lower than average price point. The system has become increasingly popular within the training industry over the past year, as it surpassed a record number of one million users on the Installed version. ICS has an optimistic outlook for the future of Inquisiq R3 and is proud to be recognized by TrainingIndustry.com.

ICS Learning Group

ICS Learning Group, established in 1998, is a leading provider of custom training solutions and the Inquisiq R3 learning Management System. The company, headquartered in Pasadena, Maryland, serves several markets including software, manufacturing, health care, financial services, pharmaceutical, and government clients. With an emphasis and expertise in instructional design, ICS Learning Group develops customized software simulation training, corporate communications applications and computer-based training solutions.