ICS Learning Group Wins Three 2013 Omni Intermedia Awards

Omni Intermedia Awards

ICS Learning Group Wins Three 2013 Omni Intermedia Awards


ICS Learning Group, a leading provider of custom eLearning training solutions, has been awarded three Omni Intermedia Awards for 2013, marking the fifth consecutive win for the company’s Courseware Development team. The Omni Awards endeavor “to recognize outstanding media productions that engage, empower and enlighten.”

ICS was recognized for the following custom eLearning projects in 2013:

“NanoFab Facility Overview and Lab Safety”: A course developed for the Center of Nanoscale Science and Technology at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The second 508-compliant course in a three-course series on check-in and safety procedures for a government nanofabrication facility. Using 3D animation, video, and scenario-based evaluations, this web-based course provides an overview of the facility to new users as well as specific safety instruction for the external laboratories.

Entry category: Government

“Foundations of Effective Leadership”: A eLearning course built for community fellowship programs providing participants with leadership knowledge, skills, and strategies to help implement community-based substance abuse prevention initiatives. The course combines a video, interactive strategies, and gamification techniques to maximize knowledge transfer and user engagement.

Entry category: Education

“Medical Practice Management 101”: Even with a limited budget, effective training can be produced. This course integrated a mix of Level 1 and Level 2 components and strategies to teach doctors ways to keep their waiting rooms safe, their patients happy, and insurance rates low.

Entry category: Medical

The eLearning courses blended a mix of 3D visualizations, interactive scenarios, simulated environments, video, and other graphics and multimedia that are custom designed to meet the required objectives for the specific learner demographic. ICS works with multiple companies to produce custom training courseware in industries including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Business Skills and Compliance training, Technical and IT Training, Manufacturing and Industrial, and Sales and Retail.

The semi-annual Omni Intermedia Awards are evaluated for overall excellence in a specific genre. For ICS, the Omni awards are the latest industry recognition for the company’s commitment to provide highly effective eLearning solutions to meet the critical training needs of today’s workforce.

For more information about ICS: http://www.icslearninggroup.com

Information about the Omni Intermedia Awards program:www.omniawards.com