Inquisiq R3 in Chief Learning Officer magazine

In a nice little write-up on “Five Emerging LMSs to Watch”, our Inquisiq R3 gets a bit of a blurb, along with this quote from one of our long-time customers,

“Give people tools that are intuitive and similar to those they use every day on their computers, and you have Inquisiq.”
-Kevin T.

We appreciate the recognition!

At the bottom of most all of our Inquisiq installations (unless the ‘white label’ option has been chosen), is the tagline, “Powered by Inquisiq”. Conveniently, this provides a nice, consistent search term!

Enter that in your preferred search engine, or click here for the Google Inquisiq results. In either result you’ll see a solid sampling of public LMS installations using our EX or R3 versions of the software. Some have a pretty small target and are minimally customized. Some have a very large audience and lots of customizations.

This is simply to show a sampling of our customers and ways Inquisiq has been used by a range of companies and organizations…
…which hopefully, in turn, demonstrates the viability and growth of our LMS product! Check it out!