Storyline updates and a Captivate TTS fix

First, Articulate continues their excellent product support by releasing yet another software update, this one addressing a plethora of issues – including quiz performance, HTML5 rendering, and AICC/LMS tracking.

Download the update.  Read the Release Notes.

Aside: it appears each Storyline update is a full installer, not just a ‘patch’…so if you’re installing Storyline on a new machine (or reinstalling), you don’t have to go back the original installer and apply all these updates individually – just install the latest version and apply your license.

In other news, a recent LinkedIn discussion noted how Captivate 7’s TTS engine seemed to be performing erratically. Leslie Bivens did some research on this issue and found, “Apparently you have to install the 32-bit version of NeoSpeech, There’s a bug in the 64-bit version.”

And that seemed to fix the issue! So for anyone else using Captivate’s text-to-speech feature (which can be a pretty cool feature) and having troubles with improper performance or pronunciation, remove the 64bit NeoSpeech “English User Dictionary Editor” and install the 32bit version.