Welcome to 2011, and some company updates…

A bit belated, but welcome to 2011! We here at ICS are excited about the possibilities the new year brings. We continue to work on a variety of custom eLearning development for a variety of customers, from start-ups to established corporate players, as well as continuing to refine, improve, and enhance our Inquisiq R3 Learning Management System.

In regards to the LMS, two new things to announce!

1. The manuals have been revised, updated, and are posted to both our LMS support site and to the Resources page of our company website. These are our most exhaustive documents yet on the system, so grab them as you can, whether you’re an existing customer or just someone exploring the LMS options that are out there.

2. A new update for R3 has been released, version 2.10.1201. Release notes are pending, but all our SaaS accounts have already been updated to this most recent version. If you are an ‘Installed’ account, please contact Inquisiq support for the latest installer.

Thanks again for reading, and hopefully for your patronage! Happy (belated) New Year!