Year in Review, Looking Forward

We here at ICS Learning Group had a successful 2013, working hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver another year of cutting-edge custom eLearning projects. Among the highlights;

  • We integrated a variety of media – from animation, character-based scenarios, and custom video – to deliver a new course to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The lessons introduce a variety of nanofabrication safety procedures to a range of audience types, from service technicians to aspiring researchers. Starting this year, NIST will have the courseware available to the public (via our Inquisiq LMS platform).
  • We continued our longstanding relationship with the Athena Forum, assisting with their just-in-time training modules for the national nursing population – as well as helping advance the overall custom web platform, including ensuring continued compatibility with mobile devices and continuing-education reports directly to state brokers.
  • Courseware conversions remain a specialty as we work with a variety of companies to help update and redevelop their existing training modules; such as improving interactivity and engagement, adjusting assessments to be more accurate, and enhancing features such as HTML5 compliance. Having completed a video-heavy series for the Corporate Executive Board, we kick off this year working on a significant course redevelopment for the Eastman Chemical Company.
Among many other projects throughout the successful 2013 year were a few projects to improve sales performance for customers such as Mohawk and Total Wine, as well as a variety of training projects for professional organizations (i.e. Improving Leadership, Social Initiatives, in-depth Geophysics theory and application, ACA healthcare implementation, etc.).
2014 will surely continue the growth and evolution of eLearning overall – from increased demand for mobile compatibility and responsive design to considerations on handling ‘BYOD’. One of the more interesting developments will be the continued evolution of learning theories and strategies;
  1. Will ‘gamification’ become more strictly defined, or morph into something new?
  2. Will SAM be rationalized with ADDIE, or any of the other various ID strategies?
  3. Will ‘problem-based’ learning finally be appreciated?
 We here at ICS will stay on-top of such eLearning developments. We will continue to help push support and adoption of the xAPI (TinCan) specification. We will continue to watch the ‘MOOC’ space and enable our customers to deliver their curricula as their audience demands. We will also continue to provide improvements to course delivery, compatibility, and multilingual capabilities.
2014 will be a good year for eLearning!